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  • Bioxodes

    is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a first-in-class drug candidate, BIOX-101 (Ir-CPI), for the prevention of thrombosis and neuroinflammation in hemorrhagic stroke patients.

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  • BIOX-101

    Our lead candidate with unique mechanism of action on neutrophils and coagulation factors (FXIIa & FXIa).

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Bioxodes’ innovative pipeline includes a clinical-stage program for the prevention of thrombosis and neuroinflammation in patients with an intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH).

Neuroinflammation plays a critical role in the neurologic decline of ICH patients. BIOX-101 (Ir-CPI), the lead drug candidate of this program, exhibits a unique mechanism of action by targeting coagulation factors (FXIIa & FXIa) and neutrophils, key driver components of the neuroinflammatory process. BIOX-101 prevents blood clot formation without increasing the bleeding risk — a major asset in ICH patients — due to the specific coagulation factors targeted by this compound.

In parallel, Bioxodes is developing a pipeline of drug candidates with the objectives to treat chronic thrombo-inflammatory and inflammatory diseases. The goal is to leverage the activity of BIOX-101 against neutrophil activation and neutrophil extracellular trap (NET) formation.

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Our innovative pipeline includes a clinical-stage program with BIOX-101 (Ir-CPI) for the prevention of thrombosis and neuroinflammation in hemorrhagic stroke patients. Currently, our Phase IIa program is underway, aiming to gather safety data and initial evidence of efficacy in patients with ICH.

a BIOX-101 (Ir-CPI) b

video testimonial

Prof Robin Lemmens, a world-renowned stroke expert, is the lead investigator of the current Phase 2a trial for BIOX-101 (Ir-CPI).

“Stroke is worldwide one of the main causes for mortality,” he says in this video. “We are really in need to find medication hear to try and improve their prognosis.” Professor Lemmens, the head of the stroke unit at the University Hospital Leuven (Belgium), was speaking at an investor event Bioxodes had organized in Zurich, in February 2024.


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Advisory Board

All Key Opinion Leaders
  • Robin Lemmens

    Robin Lemmens , M.D.

    Leuven, Belgium

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  • Rustam Al-Shahi Salman

    Rustam Al-Shahi Salman , MA MB BChir PhD FRCP Edin FHEA FESO

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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  • Ashkan Shoamanesh

    Ashkan Shoamanesh , M.D.

    Hamilton, Canada

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  • Matthias Endres

    Matthias Endres , M.D.

    Berlin, Germany

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  • David Seiffge

    David Seiffge , M.D.

    Bern, Switzerland

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  • Cedric Hermans

    Cedric Hermans , M.D, Ph.D, FRCP (Lon, Edin)

    Brussels, Belgium

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  • Thomas Lecompte

    Thomas Lecompte , M.D

    Geneva, Switzerland

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  • Denis Vivien

    Denis Vivien , Ph.D

    Caen, France

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Bioxodes is a Belgian private company, founded in 2013. The Company has received fundings from both the public and private investors.

  • Sfpi - Fpim
  • Financière spin-off Luxembourgeoise
  • Sambrinvest
  • LSRP - Life Sciences Research Partners
  • Business angels
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